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What Clogs a Drain?

Man Unclogging Sink Drain

Clogs Can Be Cleared Out By Professional Plumbers.

When you find yourself with a clogged drain, you may be wondering why it is clogged or what may have happened to get you to this point. There are so many reasons that drains can get clogged or stopped up. The best thing that you can do is to take precaution and pay attention to what you are allowing to go down into your draining system. Pipes are small, so when food, dirt, and other debris go down in there, it can easily get stuck and have no way to get out. It can sometimes get free and then travel further down the pipe and clog up even more.

A clogged drain tends to happen in several different ways. The first way is that there is some kind of crack in the pipe and tree roots grow into the pipe and fill it up. This makes it difficult for water to pass through and can end up bursting your pipe entirely causing you to need to get it replaced. The best thing that you can do if you think you have a clog, is to get a video camera inspection done and then make sure that there is no more damage inside the pipe than you think there is. Finding an issue in your pipe early on is the best way to avoid any major damage down the road and it will save you money in the long run.

Another way that pipes commonly get clogged are from food and things like hair doing down shower drains. This happens all of the time and is a very easy fix. A way that you can help to avoid hair clogging up your drain is to purchase a cover that goes right over the top of your drain. This will allow water to go down still, but it will not let hair go down and then it can be cleaned out whenever you want to do it. This small little change can make all of the difference and will save you some serious money in the long run. Clogged drains are nothing to mess around with so if you start to see the signs of one, make sure you call a plumber out to get it fixed or check out a few ways to get it out yourself.

A Few Ways To Unclog a Drain

There are a couple different ways that you can unclog your drain. A few that you can do yourself and then, of course, different ways that a plumber will do it. If you find yourself with a pesky small clog or the beginning stages of a clog, you can do a few small things to try to get the problem under control. The way you know if there is a clog forming is if your water starts to drain a lot slower than usual or it is not draining down at all. There are mixtures that you can make at home using vinegar and a few other ingredients, but mostly we would recommend buying something from the store. Chemicals can sometimes break down the clog enough for it to flow freely through your pipes and get it cleared up. You do have to be careful because some of these chemicals can damage the integrity of the pipe so you may want to call your plumber and ask before you do it. Another thing you can do at home is use a plunger. Plungers are great tools and will work a lot of the time. They are relatively cheap as well so you don’t have to invest a lot if it doesn’t work for your clog. If the clog is in your sink or toilet, you may have to use the plunger several times to free it up. Don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t work right away, keep at it and the pressure will build up, hopefully shifting or pushing the clog down.

What Not To Put Down Your Sink

When it comes to what you can and cannot put down your sink, you should really get familiar with these choices. There are a lot of items that get out down sinks every day, thinking that the garbage disposal will take care of them, but that is not always the case. Sometimes It can even mess up your garbage disposal in the process. Here is a list of items that should not go into your sink because they will likely clog your pipes up and you will find yourself looking for your plumber’s phone number quickly after.

  • Rice
  • Coffee Ground
  • Potato Skins
  • Any Kind Of Oil Or Grease
  • Bread
  • Egg Shells
  • Bones

If you do end up with a clog in Dorchester, MA, give us a call at (617) 830-7870 and our expert drain cleaners will be there to get the job taken care of.